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NDIS Participants Have Been LOVING Our New Program Option:

The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

You could be riding along the longest rail-trail in Australia, the 161 km Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) as part of a new NDIS cycling / mountain biking program by Southeast Queensland based company, OpenTrax. The trail follows the now ‘unused’ Brisbane Valley rail line that began construction at Wulkuraka near Ipswich in 1884 and was completed at Yarraman in 1913…quite an effort.

Participants waving just after passing the old rail tunnel.

Being on the old railway line, the BVRT provides a gradual off-road climb up the valley for our mountain biking and hiking adventures.  Some sections can be more challenging if that’s your sort of thing. We tailor each person’s program to their skill and experience level.

Historic Moments: The Last Steam Train To Yarraman

Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Generally, the BVRT is quite gradual in climbs and descents for a large part and can be broken into suitable segments to cover over a few sessions with one of the programs Accredited Exercise Physiologists. They plan extensively and take great care to make sure that each participant is going to enjoy, and get as much out of their time with us as possible. The gradual rolling hills are a nice way to introduce a bit of interval type training which has a significant number of benefits for your health. With such beautiful scenery, it’s easy to forget that you’re expending quite a bit of energy while you’re soaking it all in there.

There is plenty of very interesting historical bits and pieces along the way. Some have information boards available to read.

Riders are getting a whole lot fitter, stronger, happier, healthier, and losing the right kind of weight…all while thoroughly enjoying life! The benefits of regular stack up quickly but it’s easy when it’s so much fun and there’s so many places to explore.

Sean gives the program a big thumbs up while Program Director, Chris Higgins takes a photo.

The mooing of cows in the distance, the peace of the countryside, and wide-open spaces as far as the eye can see, it’s hard not to relax out there!

The Trail

The BVRT officially starts at Wulkuraka Station in Ipswich and then continues to Fernvale, before looping westwards to Lowood and then continuing north to Coominya, Esk, Toogoolawah, Moore, Linville, Benarkin, and Blackbutt before finally arriving in Yarraman. You can do it the other way around or do it in smaller sections which is what most people start out with.

Map of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

Tip- For if you’re going without us:

North to South is easier than South to North as there is more downhill. If you don’t have a way to get there, our Exercise Physiologists in some situations may be able to provide transportation in one of the program’s safe and reliable vehicles.

Our Bikes

The BVRT is definitely unsuitable for light-weight racing bicycles. Surfaces range from fresh concrete bike paths through to gravel so mountain bikes are the best choice. OpenTrax provides program participants with one of our well-maintained mountain bikes.

Before each ride, AEP’s and program participants both perform:•Safety checks•Bike setup and bike fit•Revisit skills you’d like help with

Mindy and Jackson enjoy the feeling of the last of the afternoon sun warming their backs as the weather cools down.

E-bikes are permitted and are a great way to enjoy the rail trail. We have ordered a couple of these and will be updating our exclusive subscribers when they arrive. If you carry a charger, most local cafes and pubs will let you plug in your battery whilst enjoying a meal. Accommodation providers and the major campsites have power points.

E-Bikes can be a good option if because if you get tired, you still get to see all of the beautiful scenery with a little help from the electric motor.


As a part of the program participants will also gain an understanding and practical application of basic maintenance and technical mountain bike skills.  Learning the basic skills needed for dirt tracks is pretty straight-forward if you can already ride a bike. 
Our initial assessment and first few sessions allow you to have hands on, one on one training in a safe and friendly environment before moving onto bigger rides like the BVRT.

There are a few creek crossings, most of which have had paths made to cross them without getting wet. These are small creeks so water levels are only increased for a small amount of time after rain.

The training course will provide you with visual training and instruction at your own pace.After learning and practising your bike handling skills, there is no better place to put your riding skills into practice on a section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

One of the concreted creek crossings on the trail during a sunset ride.

Places and bookings are capped and can often be hard to get. The travel times and incurred provider travel costs are the only limiting factors to this program option.

Many haven’t let that hold them back, they really wanted to have the mountain biking experience on this beautiful old historical railway line… and they would come back and do it all again every day if we didn’t have so many people on a waitlist.

They’ve enjoyed improving fitness, getting stronger, and feeling so much better in their daily lives…all without feeling like they’re at bootcamp.

With all of the incredible benefits and improvements that the riding program offers participants, mentally, physically and just getting out into nature…If the Apply Now Button is showing, there have been places made available in the last week and applications are open. Go ahead…Apply Now

Food and Drink

Most of the towns along the BVRT have a variety of pubs, bakeries, shops and cafes that offer excellent food and drink. Overnight accommodation is available in Fernvale, Lowood, Esk, Toogoolawah, Moore, Linville, Blackbutt and Yarraman – we only run day trips currently, not overnighters. We always carry plenty of drinking water and recommend it. If you’re getting serious, a camelback may be a good option.

Katerine grins as she realises she has indeed spotted a cafe to stop at to rest the legs and grab a cuppa.

There are water bubblers in every town for refills except Coominya, Moore and Yarraman Station Park as there is no town water supply. Sometimes you may need to hunt for them or ask a local.

Some cafes may not open in the evenings and pubs tend to close their kitchens early in rural areas.

Man VS Trail: Brisbane Valley Rail Trail



Watch as Riley rides the BVRT. He has put together a great video that showcases some beautiful areas.

Credits End of Video


The Official Promo Video For The BVRT

Outdoors Qld Promo video for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. Shows off many great things about these local areas.

Any way you do it, the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is pretty hard to beat for its scenery and moderate level attributes leading it to serve a wide variety of riders.

OpenTrax has recently opened applications for their cycling and mountain biking program specifically for NDIS Participants.

For updates on new equipment arrivals, program places opening up, new program releases and more, become one of our Exclusive Subscribers today. Its free!

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If last season was anything to go by, this intake will fill up very quickly again…but the application won’t show here while applications are still open.

So, if you, or someone you know would be interested in this and you don’t want to miss out on getting a place…get a move on!

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