OpentraX: What Our Participants Are Working On

As a participant in any of our OpentraX programs, you’ll discover many of your own inner strengths and develop a greater understanding of your own perception of the world and unique way of looking at things. In our group rides, challenges are faced by people of all abilities as you ride, soak in the great outdoors, and enjoy your surroundings while exploring the beautiful landscapes, wildlife and culture of South East Queensland.[/column_text][empty_space height=”22px”]

OpentraX will help you to:

Use and develop your skills to achieve common goals

Develop a greater understanding of implementing inclusion and diversity

Learn new strategies to overcome both physical and mental obstacles

Set and achieve your personal health and fitness goals

Develop insights into empathy, inclusion, mindset and resilience.

People living with a disability are less likely to take part in regular physical activity than people without a disability, yet it is arguably more important for them when it comes to improving their health and preventing other avoidable lifestyle diseases.

Regular activity has been linked to SO many benefits including:[/column_text][empty_space height=”25px”][edgtf_button size=”medium” type=”” target=”_self” icon_pack=”” font_weight=”700″ text=”Apply Here | OpentraX Rides ©” link=”https://opentrax.com.au//pages/opentrax-rides-application-page/” font_size=”30″][empty_space height=”25px”][single_image image=”13780″ img_size=”medium”][empty_space height=”22px”][edgtf_blockquote text=”Each program is tailored individually to each participant to ensure that rides are not too challenging or too easy. Sessions are progressed as participants gain confidence and improve their riding skills.”][empty_space height=”22px”]


Helps prevent many health conditions including cardiovascular disease,

High blood pressure, obesity, Type II diabetes and cancer.

Helps individuals with chronic, physically disabling conditions to improve their muscle strength and stamina.

Helps to control joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis.

Helps with weight management, to avoid surgical intervention and maintaining joint range of motion.

[/column_text][empty_space height=”25px”][single_image image=”13783″ img_size=”medium”][empty_space height=”25px”][edgtf_blockquote text=”This program suits a very wide range of participants with different skill and experience levels. The mountain bike trails vary from easier wide open fire breaks, all the way through to steep single trails for those who would like more of a challenge.”][empty_space height=”22px”]


Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and improves mood.

Increases sense of well-being by changing how people think and feel about themselves.

Promotes inclusion by changing how communities think and feel about people with disabilities.

Increases self-esteem, life satisfaction, confidence and perceived competence and self-identity.

Improves personal relationships with family and friends, which reduces isolation, builds social skills and well-being.

[/column_text][empty_space height=”22px”]These positive effects aren’t limited to an individual person with a disability – often, these benefits are enjoyed by families and communities by reducing isolation and increasing parental involvement.

These are real tangible positive outcomes that we see in participants regularly. We receive numerous calls from parents and participants every week, thanking us for how much of a positive impact we’ve had on their lives. That’s how we know that we’re doing what is needed. What is right.

If we stopped now, I know for a fact that we’d be hurting the world….so come on, have a crack.

See you soon![/column_text][empty_space height=”40px”][edgtf_button size=”medium” type=”” target=”_self” icon_pack=”” font_weight=”700″ text=”Apply Here | OpentraX Rides ©” link=”https://opentrax.com.au//pages/opentrax-rides-application-page/” font_size=”30″][/column][/row]


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