OpentraX Riding Programs: Seriously Improving Emotional Regulation

The ability to control one’s emotions is an important skill we all need in our lives 🙂😢😠🤯

Emotional regulation can be one of the biggest challenges for young people with various ‘conditions’ or ‘disabilities’, most commonly ADHD and ASD. Some have difficulty communicating their feelings, and understanding those feelings and want to improve socialisation and coping skills.🙂

Through carefully planned sessions and activities, our program leaders are incorporating and providing highly effective skills and strategies to recognise, regulate and really notice both their own and others emotion is fundamental to promoting positive mental wellbeing for the longer term 🙂

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Riding stimulates the release of the feel-good chemicals dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, big words but what they actually do for your mood and outlook on life is astounding 🧠✨ These chemicals play one of the most important roles in regulating your mood and feelings. Developing a regular physical activity routine is very important for sustained effects….its easier to maintain and keep it going when it’s made FUN by the OpentraX team!

Riding improves our participants’ awareness of their body through offering a range of different experiences 🌳🪵🌿☀️  Participants have to work to increase understanding of where their body is in space as they work to position themselves and the bike to navigate different terrains🧍‍♀️ They will have to build strength 💪 in different ranges of motion and aerobic capacity 🏃‍♂️which enhances interoceptive feedback- the awareness of their physiological system. Having improved understanding of what their body feels like in different situations will improve their ability to cope with other situations they may experience 😀😀

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Bike riding requires overcoming obstacles and facing fears. Every path, every rock presents a new challenge. To overcome these challenges the participant must focus, assisting with regulation, calming and mindfulness 🧠🧘‍♂️✨

At the end of the day, having achieved new things and overcome these obstacles, our participants gain a huge sense of accomplishment, significantly boosting their self-esteem leading to great things in other areas of their lives 🙌

Exercising with others can provide mood-boosting social benefits 👫👭👬 Group rides are another effective tool to assist with emotional regulation. Social situations allow children and adults to learn how to take turns, read other people’s behaviours and have their own input 🧏‍♀️💁‍♂️ Our Social-traX is the king of this area 🙂

Our Exercise Physiologists work super hard with each participant to improve their emotional regulation in a way that is best suited to the participants best communication style, helping them to regularly exceed their goals and move ahead to set new goals in sight 😀☀️🧠💪

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