Skills-traX©: Learning Shortcuts

OpentraX RIDES© mountain bike programs can condense the years it usually takes to learn to perform riding skills. Taught the right way from the first session – we know that our participants are equipped 🔨 with the knowledge 🧠 and skills 🚲 to ensure they are safe👷 and most importantly, are able to enjoy ☺️ an activity that is so much more than just a ‘ride’.

Taking the time to learn the core skills of riding eliminates the wasted time of creating bad habits and fast tracks the riders to becoming as awesome as possible! 💨💨

More skills = more fun, more trials, more speed and less risk 🤩🤩

At OpentraX we take it step by step to learn the basic skills and incorporate them into riding trails 🍃🪵🪨. We provide immediate feedback 📋and progress the skills ➡️ and the trails as the rider develops. While riding with OpentraX you will learn the safest and most efficient ways to corner, brake, climb and tackle descents 🚵‍♀️ As riders ourselves we know from experience that the best way to ride is with good technique and control.

We are an inclusive team taking mountain biking to new heights 📈⛰[/column_text][/column][/row]


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