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[edgtf_carousel carousel=”opentrax-partners” orderby=”title” order=”ASC” number_of_items=”5″ image_animation=”image-change” show_arrows_navigation=”no” show_dots_navigation=”no”][/column][/row][empty_space height=”30px”][edgtf_section_subtitle subtitle_text=”Join Our OpentraX Extended Family” text_align=”center” text_color=”#00e056″][empty_space height=”50px”]At a time when people need it the most, we help people to get the most out of what the outdoors has to offer. It does things for us that our words will never quite be enough to explain.

To be able to provide new mountain bikes for our program participants means so much to us all here at OpentraX. For they’ll learn the skills for independent transport, for others its a fun way to increase many health markers, for others this will positively change their lives forever. It already has![/column_text][empty_space height=”30px”][single_image image=”14366″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center” style=”box_rounded”][empty_space height=”50px”][/column][/row]Our AEP’s now have E-Bikes enabling them to help participants more than ever before. Eliminating fatigue our E-Bikes have given us the ability to channel all of our efforts into making sure each person gets as much out of their time with us as they can. With our AEP’s having 100% focus on each participant, instead of fatigue, they’re able to implement richer learnings and experiences.[/column_text][empty_space height=”30px”][/column][empty_space height=”30px”][single_image image=”14673″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center” style=”box_rounded”][empty_space height=”50px”]OpentraX Individually tailored programs that exceed participants’ expectations are complemented by practitioners with different strategies and styles of communication only adding to their enjoyment. 🙂[/column_text][empty_space height=”50px”]Equipped with our new program bikes, our 10 week program has had 9 new places that have JUST OPENED!

More About The Program – opentraX.com.au

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Program FAQ’s

Come on, Grab Life By The Handlebars with OpentraX!

If last time was anything to go off, this will fill up again extremely quickly. The application link in our last intake closed within 2 days. If you had a chance to submit an application last time and didn’t take it, or you saw the link too late, this is your chance.[/column_text][empty_space height=”50px”][/column][edgtf_section_title title_text=”OpentraX RIDES© Applications” highlighted_text=”NOW OPEN!” text_align=”center” highlighted_effect=”blink” icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=””][empty_space][edgtf_button size=”medium” type=”” target=”_self” icon_pack=”” font_weight=”700″ text=”Apply Here | OpentraX RIDES©” link=”https://opentrax.com.au//pages/opentrax-rides-application-page/” font_size=”30″ hover_background_color=”#21232b”][/column][/row][empty_space][row_inner][column_inner][edgtf_testimonials type=”freestyle” category=”ndis”][/column_inner][/row_inner][/column][/row][row css=”.custom_1477664882351{padding-top: 75px !important;padding-bottom: 100px !important;}”][empty_space][edgtf_carousel carousel=”opentrax-partners” orderby=”title” order=”ASC” number_of_items=”5″ image_animation=”image-change” show_arrows_navigation=”no” show_dots_navigation=”no”][empty_space height=”50px”]We can’t accept late applications to remain fair to everyone in the application process. Edit: Bribery is also not accepted. The ‘applications full’ page shows when our capacity has been reached.[/column_text][empty_space]There are a lot of incredible teams that have helped out the OpentraX team and their participants whenever they’ve needed something fixed or a bit of equipment. These teams have always offered fantastic service, a friendly smile and a great experience.

Hayden and everyone at 99 Bikes Browns Plains


Darren and the team at The Mountain Biker  over in Stafford


Brendan and the team at Jonny Sprockets   in beautiful, Toowomba


They’ve all helped us out in some way, enabling us to get our programs set up and become more widely available to those who’ll benefit from it most.[/column_text][empty_space][edgtf_button size=”medium” type=”” target=”_self” icon_pack=”” font_weight=”700″ text=”Apply Here | OpentraX Rides ©” link=”https://opentrax.com.au//pages/opentrax-rides-application-page/” font_size=”30″][empty_space][/column][/row][edgtf_linked_boxes box_items=”%5B%7B%22title%22%3A%22Chris%20HIGGINS%22%2C%22subtitle%22%3A%22PRINCIPAL%20AEP%22%2C%22image%22%3A%2213821%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fopentrax.com.au%2Ftemppages%2Fchris-higgins%2F%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22Emily%20HARMAN%22%2C%22subtitle%22%3A%22SENIOR%20AEP%22%2C%22image%22%3A%2213719%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fopentrax.com.au%2Ftemppages%2Femily-harman%2F%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22Liz%20HOLLITT%22%2C%22subtitle%22%3A%22SENIOR%20AEP%22%2C%22image%22%3A%2213720%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fopentrax.com.au%2Ftemppages%2Fliz-hollitt%2F%22%7D%2C%7B%22title%22%3A%22These%20RACKS%22%2C%22subtitle%22%3A%22CARRY%20THE%20TEAM%22%2C%22image%22%3A%2214648%22%2C%22link%22%3A%22%23%22%7D%5D” enable_title_icon=”no” target=”_blank” image_size=”full” title_size=”45″][/column][/row]