The Peoples Program©

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The People Power Program©

How we can help. With the People Power Program, everyone is a participant.

Got an idea or theme that you would love to see built as our next TraX, here’s your time to shine.

The TraX options will be shortlisted and voted on by the OpentraX Extended Family…(you’ll need to subscribe here if you’re not already).

Start sending them in now because we’ll be starting them early next year.

Tell us the story behind your submission, what it would mean to you or for your family if we could make a TraX.

Think Active, could be 1-on-1, small group sessions.

Submit it on our form.

[/column_text][/column_inner][/row_inner][edgtf_process_holder][edgtf_process_item number=”1″ title=”Know” text=”Decide on exactly what your version of our TraX would look like.”][edgtf_process_item number=”2″ title=”Submit” text=”Tell us the story behind your submission.”][edgtf_process_item number=”3″ title=”Vote” text=”Submissions will be reviewed, short listed and be made available to vote on.”][/edgtf_process_holder][/column][/row][column width=”1/2″][edgtf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-road” icon_position=”top” icon_type=”normal” icon_size=”edgtf-icon-tiny” icon_animation=”” text=”Examples of submissions include:

Tastier-TraX – sauces classes with dietician to help fussy eaters and teach them about food as they learn cook, easy healthy meals

-Rugby-TraX-Soccer trax-Fishing-Trax- Cooking TraX- Healthy SnaXTraX- Tucker-Trax- Camping-Trax- Day Hike Adventures” title=”Example-TraX”][/column][column width=”1/2″][edgtf_icon_with_text icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-balance-scale” icon_position=”top” icon_type=”normal” icon_size=”edgtf-icon-tiny” icon_animation=”” text=”With your input we can help:

Creating many opportunitiesBreak down barriersImprove quality life for participantsImplement healthy lifestyle modificationsEmotional regulationImprove & build strong social connectionsAnxiety and depression strategies and management” title=”With Your Help”][/column][/row]


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