Kids in OpentraX RIDES© Programs

Many parents often believe that mountain biking is more of a teenage or adult sport, ruling it out as an option for their child. The activity develops strength, fitness and stamina, and is a great way to get younger people involved and enjoy physical activity while building strong foundations in a number of important developmental areas.Children can start mountain biking as soon as they can pedal on a bike, from as early as 3 years old. At OpentraX we start working with children as young as 6 years old. Stamina and physical strength are not required to master the fundamental skills of mountain biking. All these can be taught and practised in a safe, friendly, social environment, using teaching aids we designed especially for this purpose. Keeping it fun, games-based and enjoyable keeps engagement high.Our programs for kids focus on eye-body coordination, balance, MTB specific skills, as well as social skills (dialogue with coaches and peers, mutual help, praise, games, friendly contests, etc).Often creative approaches are needed to overcome a few unique challenges with young kids. Occasionally, complex mountain biking skills cannot easily be described in words, concentration and attention that reasonably cannot be expected from very young kids so we adapt how we get important information across.


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