Social-traX© Group Ride Practitioner Position | Accredited Exercise Physiologist

The Details

Mountain Biking Allied Health Instructor | OpentraX RIDES© Program

Accredited Exercise Physiologist Role

Position Type:

Contract until 30th December 2022 – Part-time/full-time roles available.

Possibility to transition to a full-time employment position for the right candidate.


$70 – $100 per billable hour plus super


Variable locations within SEQ (Mobile Service – Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich)

Closing date:

COB Friday, 22nd April 2022

Contact for further information:

Chris Higgins, Program Director – 0400 637 667


The Role

As an OpentraX NDIS Adventure Therapy Practitioner, you will be responsible for planning and leading outdoor adventure activities and programs for NDIS participants. This role will require the candidate to support capacity building and skills development using cycling and mountain biking to deliver this.

This role will be predominantly delivering our Social-traX© group sessions that use riding e/bikes/trikes etc, as a modality to deliver our unique Exercise Physiology services, programs and education. Candidates require mountain-bike specific experience, ability and skills.


Dream job! Get paid to ride in the fresh air, outdoors, in nature, re-charging your life-satisfaction batteries surrounded by greenery, and sunshine, all while meeting and working with some of the most incredible clients

This is an incredibly rewarding job, for someone with a big passion! – you really are making a difference.

The flexibility of working 3-5 days/wk

Flexible work hours

Capped small client numbers per AEP – less stress and more time to devote to each of your clients.

The perfect balance between outdoor and office-based work.

Ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

Work with passionate, like-minded people.

A supportive, safe and inclusive workplace where the wellbeing of our team is of the utmost importance.

Incredible opportunities for professional development and career progressions for driven candidates.

Key Duties

Delivering OpentraX Outdoor Adventure Therapy Programs to NDIS participantsRiding

Strength Sessions

Home Exercise programs

Social-traX© Group ride instructor. Current max 1:8 ratio.

Perform initial assessments including bike based riding competency,

Plan ride routes, teach important and useful skills

Facilitate participant’s social interaction

Clearly communicate to clients and OpentraX team 

Evidence-based exercise prescription of home or gym-based programs progressing participants toward goals

Deliver adventure-based exercise physiology sessions, rides, activities and half or full-day trips.

Mentor participants & support them in building strategies to make positive active changes to their lives within your scope of practice

Facilitate check-ins and check-outs of bikes and other equipment

RIDES© Program lesson and activity development

Bike-based game and activity planning

Update and develop standard operating procedures

Program-related blog and social media posts

Social-traX© Group Ride Videos

The Candidate

We are looking for some of the following skills and key capabilities in the next AEP employed by OpentraX.

Riding Experience

Minimum intermediate mountain biking experience is essential

Prior experience in teaching, coaching or planning and delivering similar adventure programs is highly desirable,

Strong understanding of application and teaching of riding skills

Experience in bike maintenance is desirable

Genuinely passionate about riding, whether it is for leisure on the weekend or racing, and has ridden some of the tracks at Daisy Hill, Karawatha Forest Park and Gap Creek Reserve.

Do not need to be the worlds best rider, but you’ll need to be able to handle all of the obstacles on green and blue MTB tracks

AEP Professional Experience

Experience working with mostly high-functioning NDIS participants eg. ADHD, ASD etc.

Experience or a well-developed understanding of working within NDIS regulations and frameworks

Understands barriers to change affecting people with complex needs

Has exceptional interpersonal skills and a solid verbal and written communication skillset

Desire to work with children essential years 4+

Strong understanding of NDIS requirements:Frameworks

Practice Standards

Report Writing


Other Desirable Skills

Well-developed IT skills and experience with e-health technologies, telehealth monitoring

First-hand experience with business social media post scheduling, post creation, content generation

Socially adapt to best accommodate clients’ feelings and mood to maximise their outcomes

Positive, motivational attitude with a patient, kind and understanding demeanour

Passionate about helping people

Has a strong drive, ambition and Initiative

Emotional intelligence – important for reading interpersonal situations

Specific Employment Requirements

As an OpentraX NDIS Adventure Therapy Practitioner, you will be responsible for planning and leading outdoor adventure activities and programs, training NDIS participants in the safe use and maintenance of equipment (bikes, riding lights, pumps etc.), and supporting capacity building and skills development in a variety of outdoor pursuits.

This role will be predominantly delivering our Social-traX© group sessions that use riding e/bikes/trikes etc, as a modality to deliver our unique Exercise Physiology services, programs and education. Candidates require mountain-bike specific experience, ability and skills. Auscycling or MTB Aus course L0 and or L1 is highly beneficial.

How To Apply

The Program

We encourage participants to ‘Grab Life By The Handlebars’ with our RIDES© program, specifically designed for NDIS participants, was started by an Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist who grew up amidst disability within his own immediate family. RIDES© is a flexible adventure therapy program for all ages tailored to each participant’s goals, wants and needs. Designed and run by experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologists means that this program continues to achieve significant, lasting, positive changes to participants’ lives, becoming hugely popular in a short amount of time.

We perform comprehensive initial assessments to attain participants’ current experience, skill, confidence level and medical and other relevant information. Our AEP’s then build a suitable home or gym-based exercise program (including ride technique, ride sessions, mobility, pre-activation, strength and endurance work) to achieve participant goals. Our AEP’s drive to participants’ homes or meet at agreed locations to deliver the ongoing program.

OpentraX provides competition grade mountain bikes for participants that are unable to provide their own for use during sessions. These are standard 2-wheel mountain bikes with Adaptive and E-Assist bikes to be implemented in the future for participants. The program currently requires participants to be able to ‘ride a 2-wheeled bicycle unassisted for at least 30 metres’ and requires verbal communication for safety.

Disabilities and conditions of participants within the program are generally combinations of ADHD, ASD, Early Onset Dementia, ABI’s, Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder etc). While experience working with a disability is not a requirement, personal background or work experience within disability would help applicants.

Participants feel like they are ‘just going for a nice enjoyable ride!’, meanwhile significant calculated, measurable improvements and changes are taking place in the participants’ mind, body and spirit – quantifiable through our assessments. Our AEP’s coach participants on important lifelong skills around the importance of and how to implement mobility, activation and resistance training to further enrich their lives and reach their goals, further enhanced by the social connections participants are able to make through group sessions.

Program Director, Chris spent years running multiple clinics and realised that there was an opportunity to provide a better-allied health care model. Our practitioners have a small capped number of clients, who are able to work very hard to achieve significant positive outcomes.

Each AEP has a capped maximum client load ensuring a balance between face-to-face client time and home office time spent behind the scenes writing programs, researching the best evidence-based practices for new or changing conditions.

The Organisation

At OpentraX, we utilise unique generally outside-the-box activities to enrich people’s lives, completely changing how health care is delivered. OpentraX provides exceptional mobile allied health and therapeutic support services throughout South East Queensland. Our practitioners currently focus on using cycling, mountain biking, hiking and outdoor activity as a modality to deliver these critical services.

We deliver adventure-based sessions for NDIS participants from ages 4+ years old. Our practitioners work tirelessly to ensure that every participant gets the opportunity to achieve their full potential through a tailor-made service specific to each participant’s goals.

New graduates are encouraged to apply.


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