Fostering Authentic Connections: The Social Aspect of OpentraX Adventure Therapy Programs

In an era where personal connection often takes a back seat, we, at OpentraX, champion an ethos of genuine connection and authentic relationships. Our approach to outdoor adventure therapy is steeped in the belief that therapy isn’t just about treatment but also about human connection. We’re not just creating programs; we’re crafting experiences rooted in empathy, understanding, and trust.

Every interaction, whether during the Initial Assessment (IAx) or the ensuing one-on-one sessions, is an opportunity for our dedicated team of professionals to better understand our participants. By delving beneath the surface, we strive to comprehend their distinct personalities, unique challenges, and individual aspirations. This knowledge then becomes the bedrock upon which we build engaging, personalised programs.

In our endeavour to create an environment conducive to therapy and personal growth, we place immense emphasis on fostering strong working relationships. We believe in earning trust, not demanding it. And so, through every interaction, we patiently weave a tapestry of trust, encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zones, to challenge themselves, and to grow.

Another critical facet of our approach is our commitment to individualised care. At OpentraX, we understand that every individual has unique needs, goals, and learning styles. As such, our therapeutic programs are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution; they’re meticulously tailored to meet each participant’s needs. We take immense pride in developing a bond with each participant, thereby ensuring a personalised therapeutic journey.

This strong emphasis on personal connection and individualised understanding is what sets our programs apart. The friendships formed at OpentraX are not incidental; they’re integral to our therapeutic process. They infuse our programs with warmth, transform therapy from a task into an adventure, and empower our participants to explore their potential.

We welcome you to discover the incredible power of genuine connections in our adventure therapy programs. Watch our latest video to delve deeper into the unique social aspects of the OpentraX Programs and understand how we utilise these connections to create programs that make a difference.

Join us on this exciting journey of adventure therapy, where we weave therapy, nature, and genuine connections into transformative experiences.

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Principal AEPDirector | OpentraXAccredited Clinical Exercise PhysiologistAccredited Exercise ScientistAEP, AES, ESSAM, ACSM, BSHPE, MCEPBachelor of Clinical Exercise PhysiologyPASSIONATE ABOUT:Making the most of my time on this big old rock by helping people that aren’t always given the opportunities to have the incredible life experiences, feelings and joys that many of us enjoy every day without a second thought. I love to challeng myself through many different aspects of my life to see where I can improve to make my life, and those lives around me, better!SPECIALISES IN WORKING WITHAges 20 – 80yoMental healthMusculoskeletal Injuries & ConditionsDepressionAnxietyADHDASDFUN FACTS:I‘ve had a number of articles published in prominent scientific and medical journals ie. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, I’ve got a youtube recipe video of me making Big Mac Sauce that was recommended to the world by actor Colin FarrellI’ve ridden in a real-life rodeoI make my own bacon, sausages, brew my own beer, love fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, and being in the great outdoorsWhat is your favorite song?Til’ you can’t’ song by Cody JohnsonDo you have any hidden talents or hobbies?What is a fear you have overcome in your life?Staying the same. Not getting the most out of my life. It’s real. We get one go at this life, I used to worry about where I’d end up, who I’d turn out to be, what I’d achieve in my life. Working with the incredible people I have in my career, I realise that life could change in an instant for any one of us, through no fault of our own. Now, instead of constantly looking ahead at the destination, I’ve become far more present to the moment. Enjoying the journey.The way I am, I know there’s always going to be plans, ideas, things that are bigger, shinier and more exciting to look forward to in life than where I am right now. Instead of focusing on those things all the time, I’ve worked hard to focus on enjoying the whole process, the journey…THE RIDE!I’ve been on a mission for most of my life to give things 110% and for those of you who’ve met me, or are about to…you’ll see. I’m not your run-of-mill Exercise Physiologist…well….person actually! I’m passionate, excited, and feel like my life is on a pretty amazing path and I want to be able to share this with anyone I cross paths with, in my life.What do you love being about an AEP?Being an AEP for me has given me formal skills and qualifications that enable me to truly help other people who are wanting to change or improve different aspects of their lives. My background as a High School Physical Education teacher before becoming an AEP equipped me with a strong appreciation for how different people can be, and how communication can be delivered to people in so many different ways.Working in schools and spending plenty of time involved in outdoor education programs and activities taught me that what is effective for some, is certainly not for others and that it’s me as the teacher, leader or facilitator who needs to adapt my way of communication to help that person in the way that works best for them. Someone can ask me the same question 1000 different ways and ill try 1001 different ways of explaining until I know that they truly understand it in their own way. I don’t blow up, get mad or angry…that’s a waste of my explaining energy…and sometimes I really need it!What do you hope to be able to achieve for your clients?Doing the work our team does, I’ve realised that we are doing a fantastic job of improving peoples physical capacity, mental resilience and social independence and engagement with life, but most importantly, we are building meaningful relationships with our clients, and helping them to build their own relationships with those that they want to by linking them up with other people who genuinely want friends, social connections and to live life to the fullest.