About OpentraX

Our Beliefs Define Us

“We are what we believe we are”

At OpentraX, we passionately champion this ethos. We believe in the potential of every individual to exceed their own expectations, and we’re committed to making it happen. We understand that the journey towards self-discovery is not easy. It requires stepping into the unknown, challenging oneself, and conquering fears and self-doubt. For many, the opportunity for this transformative journey remains elusive due to various personal and external factors. That’s where we step in.

Our Mission

OpentraX is leading a pioneering initiative devoted to empowering Australians of all ages who live with disabilities, mental health conditions, or who are on a path of rehabilitation. Our ethos is deeply anchored in adventure, outdoor education, and allied health, fostering an environment where limitations are transformed into opportunities. Our mission is to redefine perceptions of ability, setting a national standard for inclusion, and ensuring every individual can explore the tracks of life in their own unique way.

Our aim is to create fun, engaging, and purposeful experiences that play an integral role in shaping lives. We use experiential learning, reflective practice, and the power of personal connection to deliver programs that truly change lives – and we state this with conviction because we’ve witnessed the transformation.

Every journey begins with a vision, and ours is a transformative one. At OpentraX, we are committed to challenging the physical and mental barriers often linked with disabilities. We are acutely aware of how society can underestimate the abilities of individuals living with disabilities or health conditions, and we’re here to dispel these misconceptions. We aim to change phrases like ‘that’s too extreme for you, mate’ or ‘you can’t do THAT!’ into empowering statements like ‘yes, you can!’ Our commitment extends to creating an environment conducive to personal growth, enabling individuals to thrive socially, emotionally, physically, metabolically, and mentally.

Our focus is on fostering an atmosphere of enjoyable consistency, making it easier for participants to engage and succeed in their therapeutic journey. From those with psychosocial disabilities to neurodiverse individuals, we are here to help build the entire person’s capacity for life. We’re not just setting the track; we’re redefining it at OpentraX.

Our Programs: Opening the World of Possibilities

Welcome to ‘traX’, our suite of unique programs designed to foster personal growth and unlock latent potential. Our programs encourage participants to leave their comfort zones, explore thrilling outdoor activities, make new friendships, and share inspiring experiences.

We believe in diversity and inclusivity, so our programs are tailor-made for individuals of all ages, abilities, strengths, or weaknesses. Our goal is to inspire, excite, and empower you, equipping you with new skills, boosting your confidence, and helping you forge meaningful friendships.

Our Approach: Blending Adventure and Therapy

Adventure therapy programs harness the transformative power of outdoor activities to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our comprehensive approach begins with an exhaustive assessment of each participant to tailor the program to their unique needs and goals.

Every aspect of our programs is carefully designed – from selecting outdoor activities to the individualized program structure, experiential learning, focus on group dynamics and team building, and holistic approach to overall well-being. We also believe in regular feedback and monitoring, collaboration with other professionals, and rigorous safety and risk management.

Our Vision: Creating an Inclusive Future

Our vision transcends beyond therapy and learning. We want to show that learning can be fun, and therapeutic, and can happen anywhere, anytime. By leveraging local community spaces, parks, and bushland reserves, we introduce participants to the wonders of the outdoors in a safe and supportive environment.

Inclusion and Diversity

At OpentraX, we’re proud to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion in all aspects of our adventure therapy programs. Our commitment to these principles is deeply rooted in our belief that every individual, regardless of their background, gender, age, or ability level, should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of adventure therapy.

We’re dedicated to creating an environment where everyone feels valued, included, and empowered to reach their full potential. We honour and respect all cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, sizes, abilities, and experiences.

We believe that by embracing diversity, we create a rich tapestry of ideas, perspectives, and experiences that enrich our programs and foster mutual understanding and respect among all participants. Through this inclusive approach, we can provide a unique, empowering, and enriching experience for every participant.

The OpentraX Advantage: A Personal Touch

OpentraX is not just a program or a business; it’s a close-knit community. We understand the challenges and joys of living with a disability – many of our team members have direct, family experience with autism and other developmental differences. This personal connection enables us to provide a level of care and understanding that’s truly unique.

We’re proud to offer an integrated, adventure-based therapy network for individuals with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental differences. Our team comprises highly trained specialists dedicated to delivering comprehensive, personalized therapy programs in the most appropriate and convenient locations for the participants.

Our Genesis

OpentraX was founded by Chris Higgins, a former secondary school teacher turned Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Seeing a pressing need for people to reconnect with nature, their peers, and the joy of play, Chris transitioned from running successful clinics in South-East Queensland to making a difference in people’s lives.

Growing up with a disability in his immediate family, Chris is familiar with many family challenges. With this unique understanding, he launched OpentraX, initially as an Exercise Physiology company using mountain biking as a tool for achieving client goals. The company quickly evolved, tailoring its program to benefit those with disabilities who lacked social connections and outdoor experiences.

Qualifications and Training of Staff

Our team at OpentraX comprises highly qualified and trained allied health professionals, ensuring the best possible care and experience for every participant. Each staff member possesses the necessary qualifications, training, and experience to facilitate our adventure therapy programs.

Our professionals include trained psychologists, occupational therapists, dietitians, physiotherapists, and other health professionals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our programs, providing individualised care and fostering a safe and supportive environment for all participants.

Every staff member has received extensive training in adventure therapy and outdoor education, ensuring they can effectively facilitate activities, manage risk, and provide therapeutic support outdoors. Additionally, all our staff maintain their knowledge and skills through ongoing professional development and training.

At OpentraX, we’re confident in the qualifications and expertise of our team, and we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional practice in all our adventure therapy programs. We believe that our highly skilled team is one of the key factors that sets our programs apart and ensures an enriching and transformative experience for all participants.

Join Us on This Incredible Journey

OpentraX is more than just a program – it’s a transformative journey towards self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Our dynamic and progressive outdoor adventure education and wilderness therapy programs are designed to equip you with the skills and experiences needed to face life’s challenges head-on.

Dare to step into the unknown, embrace the thrill of new experiences, and discover your hidden strengths. Join us in our mission to make the outdoors accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Whether you’re ready to embark on this journey or have questions you need answered, our team is ready to assist you. Get in touch today and create a more inclusive, exciting world together!