Experience Therapy Like Never Before—Step Outside with OpentraX!

Hey there! Welcome to OpentraX Adventure Therapy Programs. Do you or someone you love find traditional therapy a bit of a snooze-fest or worse, downright intimidating? Imagine swapping that cold, clinical room for the vibrant hues of the bush or the calming sounds of a coastal walk. Well, stop imagining because that’s exactly what we offer. We’re here for NDIS participants, their supporters, and coordinators looking for a fresh and highly engaging approach to psychological well-being.

"For the first time, I felt I could breathe in a therapy session. OpentraX turned out to be a sanctuary I didn't know I needed."
Janine P
NDIS Participant

Introducing HIKES©

HIKES© (Holistic Interactive Kinesthetic Engagement Sessions).
Imagine combining the healing powers of nature with evidence-based psychology sessions. HIKES© is specially tailored to help you recalibrate, recenter, and adjust to the modern world's relentless demands.

Program Overview

OpentraX is not your run-of-the-mill therapy program. Think of it as therapy with a serious dose of Vitamin N—Nature, that is. We take you outdoors, hiking through the Aussie bush, strolling along the beach, or engaging in exciting activities along the way. But don’t stress; we tailor every adventure to your physical ability and comfort level. This program is specifically designed for NDIS participants seeking an individually tailored experience that goes beyond the ‘sit and chat’ model of conventional therapy.

About Us

Founded by a group of therapists who are as passionate about the outdoors as they are about mental health, OpentraX Adventure Therapy has one aim: to help you heal in an environment that feels as natural as your need to breathe. With years of experience both in clinical settings and the great outdoors, our professionals deliver evidence-based approaches that combines the best of both worlds. Practitioners hold qualifications in clinical psychology, counselling and social work and use their skill-sets to thoroughly harness the outdoor environment, so you’re in incredibly capable hands.

A Reliable Partner for True Individualised Care

You’ve scoured lists of therapists and programs, and it feels like you’re reading the same thing over and over again, doesn’t it? Break the monotony and offer something that feels tailor-made for each participant: OpentraX.

What About Privacy?

You might be thinking, “How private can a session be if we’re out in the open?” Fair call. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you’re airing your dirty laundry in public. That’s why we carefully select secluded outdoor spots for your sessions. Think intimate alcoves surrounded by trees, or serene beach coves that rarely see foot traffic. Our aim is to ensure you feel as comfortable talking in nature as you would in a closed room.

The next thing on your mind might be the actual effectiveness of this non-traditional setup. Will it work, or is it just a fad? We base our program on robust, evidence-based psychological practices. The nature element isn’t just an aesthetic touch—it’s backed by research that shows the positive impact of nature on mental health. In short, OpentraX combines proven therapeutic methods with the added benefits of the great outdoors.

Okay, so maybe you’re not Bear Grylls. No worries! Our activities are tailored to suit your physical comfort level. You can have a relaxing stroll by the beach or a more intense hike, based on what you’re up for. We consult with you to ensure that the physical aspects of your therapy sessions are as manageable or as challenging as you want them to be.

Not a chance! Our pricing is in line with the NDIS Price Guide, so your wallet can breathe easy. But let’s talk about something that’s often missed in the conversation about costs—effectiveness and adherence.

You see, traditional clinic settings often struggle to keep participants engaged. This leads to missed sessions, last-minute cancellations, and the dreaded cancellation fees. In the end, you’re spending funding without seeing measurable outcomes. It’s like paying for a gym membership you never use—ouch!

That’s where OpentraX really shines. Our sessions are so individually tailored and genuinely engaging that we see exceptionally high levels of adherence. Participants don’t just show up; they look forward to it. And when you consistently engage in therapy, you’re more likely to see real, measurable improvements in your mental health.

So, not only is it cost-effective upfront, but its high effectiveness and commitment rate also ensure you’re getting the most bang for your NDIS buck. Now, how’s that for value?

We understand that as a support coordinator, you need partners who are reliable, flexible, and above all, effective. OpentraX offers immediate availability and a breadth of tailor-made services that make your job of providing quality care that much easier. Think of us as an extension of your team with an added zing!

"As someone who refers multiple cases, the adaptability and breadth of OpentraX's offerings have been a godsend."
Support Coordinator

Why Refer to OpentraX?

Tired of sterile clinics? Imagine discussing life’s challenges while hiking through breathtaking landscapes. At OpentraX, we don’t just talk; we move, breathe, and connect. It’s like swapping the shrink’s couch for nature’s lounge. Refer a participant and watch them flourish physically, mentally, and emotionally.

"The trail is set, the sun is shining— all that's missing is you and your journey to well-being."

  • High Adherence

    Our unique approach sees exceptionally high levels of participant adherence, which translates into more consistent sessions and better long-term outcomes.

  • Flexible Settings

    From relaxed bushwalks with exciting activities to more out-there options, we adapt to the physical and emotional needs of each participant.

  • Immediate Availability

    We believe therapy should work on your time. No waiting lists; just immediate, actionable help.

  • Tailor-Made Experiences

    Your therapy plan isn't pulled from some dusty drawer; it's custom-made, just like a tailored shoe, but for your soul.

  • Holistic Healing

    Physical activity, mindfulness, and emotional healing? It’s not a buffet; you get the whole deal in every session.

  • Coordination Made Easy

    For support coordinators, we offer a seamless referral process. Think of us as an extension of your team, geared to make your job simpler and more rewarding.

  • Natural Benefits

    Nature has a documented positive effect on mental health, providing a sense of calm and balance that a clinical environment often cannot.

  • Inclusive For Alll

    HIKES© are designed to accommodate participants with a range of physical capabilities, making it an inclusive program.

Pricing Info

Hey, we get it—talk about money is often the elephant in the room. But here at OpentraX, we like to keep things straightforward. Our pricing aligns with the NDIS Price Guide, so you can rest easy knowing there are no hidden fees or surprises.

OpentraX Adventure Therapy Session:

  • 1.5-hour Session: As per NDIS rates
  • Travel Cost: As per NDIS rates

Please Note: All our outdoor locations are carefully chosen to minimize travel time and cost, because every dollar saved is another dollar for your wellness journey!

"Before OpentraX, I had a hard time sticking to therapy; it felt more like a chore than self-care. But with OpentraX, every session is an adventure I look forward to. The natural setting puts me at ease, making it easier to open up and engage with my therapist. I've seen genuine improvements in my well-being—best decision ever!"

Booking Process

Ready to tread the path less traveled in therapy? Awesome! Here’s how to secure your spot:

  1. Register Your Interest: Simply fill out our ‘Register Interest’ form located at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry; it’s quick and easy—no essay questions, we promise!

  2. We Get in Touch: After you’ve registered your interest, we’ll give you a bell to chat about your needs and send you our application form.

  3. Initial Assessment: Once the form is all squared away, we’ll book you in for an initial assessment. This helps us gauge your comfort level, both physically and emotionally, and lets you meet your psychologist.

  4. Tailored Session Planning: Based on your initial assessment, we’ll start piecing together a therapy plan that’s as unique as you are.

So, have we cleared the air a bit? We’re always here for a chat if you have more questions. Feel free to reach out and let’s make your therapy experience one you’ll actually look forward to! 🌿

So there it is.
In a world full of therapy options that seem to blend into a sea of sameness, OpentraX Adventure Therapy stands out like a lighthouse—guiding you safely, uniquely, and effectively toward better mental health.

Ready to embark on this life-changing journey? We can’t wait to step into the great outdoors with you! 🌿

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