Discover the Joy of the Journey!

OpentraX’s Adventure Therapy¬† Rail Trail Programs for NDIS Participants Unleash Fun, Fitness, and Friendship!

Unlock Your Potential on the Rail Trails

Welcome to OpentraX – where therapy and adventure merge into an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, resilience, and connection. We’re a dedicated team of allied health professionals, passionate about harnessing the untamed beauty of local Rail Trails to create truly transformative experiences for NDIS participants.

Join us at OpentraX, experience the thrilling blend of therapy and adventure, and let us together embark on a journey to unlock your full potential.

Our story begins with a profound belief in the therapeutic power of nature and the resilience of the human spirit. We recognized the potential of the great outdoors as not just a backdrop for relaxation, but a stage for self-exploration, growth, and building social connections. This recognition drove us to found OpentraX, a platform dedicated to providing innovative and highly beneficial adventure therapy programs tailored for NDIS participants.

We aim to break down barriers and build bridges to a healthier, more confident self. Our programs leverage the stunning landscapes of local Rail Trails, merging physical activity, skill-building, and therapeutic techniques into a unique blend that fosters personal growth, boosts physical fitness, and strengthens social bonds.

Every adventure we embark on is not just a journey through picturesque trails, but a journey into oneself – pushing limits, overcoming challenges, and unveiling new layers of self-confidence and resilience. Our experienced practitioners are there at every step, offering guidance, support, and professional expertise to ensure that every participant derives maximum benefit from our programs.

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to empower NDIS participants through exciting, meaningful outdoor experiences that enhance their physical, psychological, and social health. We’re more than just a service; we’re a community of adventurers who believe in the transformative power of nature, companionship, and challenge. And we’re here to invite you into this vibrant community.

Why Choose Us

Tailored Programs

We acknowledge and celebrate individual differences. Our programs are meticulously tailored to match your skill level, fitness, interests, and specific needs. Our personalised approach ensures you face challenges that are achievable, beneficial, and exciting.

Inclusive Community

At OpentraX, you're not just a participant, but a valuable member of our inclusive community. We provide a supportive environment that encourages social interaction, cultivates resilience, and nurtures lifelong friendships.

Expert Guidance

Our team of allied health professionals and adventure therapy practitioners possess vast experience and profound knowledge in delivering effective adventure therapy. With OpentraX, you're guided by experts who prioritise your well-being and ensure your journey is safe, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Therapeutic Adventure

We blend the thrill of adventure with the healing power of therapy. Engage in outdoor activities that boost your physical strength, stimulate mental agility, foster social skills, and promote an overall sense of well-being. Embrace adventure, enjoy nature, and experience personal growth.

Client Testimonials

"Joining the OpentraX Rail Trail sessions has been a game-changer for me. It's more than just a physical activity; it's a social event that I always look forward to. I've seen a big improvement in my social confidence and fitness levels. Each session brings a new challenge and I've found a peace and focus I didn't know I had. I'm so glad to be part of the OpentraX family!"
Cliff O
RIDES© Participant
"As a parent, nothing compares to seeing my child's happiness and growth. Since joining the OpentraX program, I've noticed a remarkable change in my son's behaviour. He's become calmer, more focused, and is always excited for his next session. The camaraderie and personal development that these sessions bring are invaluable. OpentraX has truly made a positive impact on our lives."
Katrina DS
"In my role as a Support Coordinator, I've witnessed many programs, but OpentraX stands out. The way they blend adventure, therapy, and socialisation into their Rail Trail sessions is unique and highly effective. I've seen participants emerge more self-confident, socially engaged, and happier. Their anticipation for the next session is a testament to the program's success. OpentraX is making a profound difference."
Belinda M
Support Coordinator

Dare to Explore with OpentraX

Imagine therapy that doesn’t feel like therapy because you’re having too much fun! That’s the OpentraX experience. Our Rail Trail adventures bring together the thrill of the outdoors, the satisfaction of physical challenges, and the joy of shared experiences.