Embark on the Ultimate Adventure with OpentraX: Nov 30 - Dec 01 🌲

Get set for a pint-sized adventure packed with big excitement! 🌟 OpentraX is thrilled to present our 2-day, 1-night Junior Camp, designed specifically for young adventurers under 11. Set for Nov 30 – Dec 01, this introductory adventure unfolds in the stunning setting of Tamborine Mountain, perfect for igniting young imaginations and cultivating a love for the outdoors. 🌳

If your child has been missing out on school camps due to higher complexity of needs, OpentraX’s Junior Camp offers a supportive and inclusive environment that focuses on personal growth, making it an excellent alternative. πŸŒŸπŸ•οΈ


Our Junior Camp is guided by our team of experienced Adventure Therapy Practitioners and aims to:

  • Unplug kids from digital distractions, fostering genuine friendships πŸ‘«
  • Boost communication and teamwork skills πŸ—¨οΈπŸ€
  • Ignite self-confidence and encourage personal growth 🌱
  • Teach self-respect, respect for others, and independence πŸ€—

Read on for the full itinerary and participant packing list to get a clearer picture of this unforgettable adventure!

Run by Adventure Therapy Practitioners Cameron & Shaun.

Cameron McKay
Bachelor of Psychology & Certificate in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
Shaun Cooper
Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

πŸŒ… Day 1: Into the Wilderness

  • 9:00 AM: Pick-up from home address (if arranged in advance) 🚐

  • 10:30 AM: All participants meet at Daisy Hill 🌳

  • 12:30 PM: Savor a delicious lunch at Tamborine Mountain Bakery πŸ₯

  • 1:30 PM: Arrive at OZ SKY RANCH camp-site, explore the site, and go for a swim in the waterhole πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

  • 3:00 PM: Set up camp, including tents and common area πŸ•οΈ

  • 4:30 PM: Kindling hunt, showers, and get that fire roaring πŸ”₯

  • 5:30 PM: Dinner preparation, eating, and clean-up 🍳

  • 6:45 PM: Campfire chats and storytelling πŸŒ™

  • 7:30 PM: Bedtime rituals 😴

πŸŒ„ Day 2: Branching Out and Climbing High

  • 6:00 AM: Wake up, hot breakfast is served! 🌞

  • 8:30 AM: Time for camp clean-up 🧹

  • 10:00 AM:Β Journey to and tackle theΒ Treetop Challenge πŸ§—β€β™€οΈ

  • 12:30 PM: Lunch and post-adventure reflection πŸ”

  • 2:00 PM: Participants meet back at Daisy Hill or dropped back home (if arranged in advance) 🏑

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Spaces are limited so please apply now if you’re ready to join us on this epic adventure!

πŸ•οΈ Gear We Provide: We've Got You Covered!

  • Campsite Equipment: Tents, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and pillow to ensure a cozy sleep under the stars 🌌.

  • Cooking Supplies: From BBQ charcoal to cooking utensils, we have everything you’ll need for culinary fun outdoors 🍳.

  • All Food Included: Leave the meal planning to us; we provide nourishing meals for your journey πŸ₯—.

  • Lights and Torches: Rechargeable head torches and camp lanterns to light your way 🌟.

  • Seating: Comfy camping chairs perfect for those campfire chats πŸ”₯.

  • Essentials: Bags of firewood, floor mats, and even a fridge for keeping snacks cool πŸ‰.

πŸŽ’ What To Bring: Your Adventure, Your Essentials!

General Goodies:
  • Sturdy Backpack: To carry all your adventure essentials πŸŽ’.
  • Additional Torch or Headlamp: Because you never know when you’ll need a little extra light πŸ’‘.
  • Hydration Hero: Your favorite reusable drink bottle πŸ₯€.
  • Laundry Lifesaver: A bag for wet or muddy clothes πŸ‘š.
Capture the Moment:
  • Camera: For those picture-perfect moments πŸ“·.
  • Journal & Pen: To jot down memories or inspirational thoughts πŸ“.
Dress for Success:

Remember, nights can get chilly! So pack smart and stay warm.

  • Sun-Savvy Hat: To protect you during the daytime β˜€οΈ.
  • Versatile Jackets: One for light rain and another for warmth πŸ§₯.
  • Safety First Shoes: Bring a pair of closed-toed shoes for adventures πŸ‘Ÿ.
  • Easy Shoes: Bring a pair of thongs or slip on shoes for around camp and showers 🩴
  • Adventure-Ready Pants and T-Shirts: One for each day, plus a spare πŸ‘–πŸ‘•.
  • Swimwear: Dive into fun πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ.
  • Socks and Undies: Always have a spare 🧦🩲.
  • PJs: Or a warm tracksuit for a cozy night’s sleep πŸŒ™.
Fresh and Clean:

Note: Please avoid aerosols, as they may trigger sensitivitiesΒ in other participants.

  • Towels: One for showers, one for water activities πŸšΏπŸ„.
  • Face Cloth and Roll-On Deodorant: Keep fresh on the go 🌸.
  • Personal Care: Your choice of soap, body wash, and optional shampoo πŸ›€.
  • Dental Duo: Toothbrush and toothpaste 🦷.
  • Haircare: Brush, comb, and ties for those locks πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ.
Health & Safety Corner:
  • Vital Meds: Epipen, inhaler, antihistamines, etc. πŸ’Š.
  • Bug Off: Insect repellent 🐜.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen for daytime adventures 🌞.
  • Hand Hygiene: A small bottle of hand sanitizer 🀲.

Feel free to add any personal touches that will make your adventure uniquely yours! 🌟

Getting Excited? Reserve Your Spot Now

Spaces are limited so please apply now if you’re ready to join us on this epic adventure!

This is an All-Inclusive camp package at a ratio of 2 participants to each practitioner. Adventure Camps have the option to use funding from:

  • Core – Short Term Accommodation and Respite: 01_054_0115_1_1
  • Core – Community, Social and Recreational Activities: 04_210_0125_6_1
  • Capacity Building – Community Participation Activities: 09_011_0125_6_3

The total cost for this life-altering journey will be: $2,239.78.

We encourage you to please check your NDIS funding to ensure you will be covered for this adventure of a lifetime.

Getting Excited? Reserve Your Spot Now

Spaces are limited so please apply now if you’re ready to join us on this epic adventure!